Saturday, June 28, 2014

There Will Be Bears

Ryan Gebhart's novel There Will Be Bears is just one of a tubful of books I brought home from school to read over the summer and share with my students when we return in August.

Tyson is thirteen years old, full of jokes, and not yet interested in girls, which sets him apart from his best friend, Brighton.  He is also looking forward to going on his first elk hunt with his grandfather, Gene.  Unfortunately Gene is suffering from kidney failure and needs dialysis, which has forced him into a nursing home a few hours away.  Unable to give up this dream, the two conspire to take a camping trip anyway, despite Gene's health problems and the fact that there is a grizzly bear that has been attacking campers in the same area the two are planning on camping.

Although Tyson is thirteen, this is a great tween novel, not focused on girls or dating, but instead on Tyson's relationship with his grandfather, and what it feels like to still want to act like a kid while some friends are growing up faster than you are.

This book has a serious side, as Tyson deals with his grandfather's health problems, as well as a humorous side because Tyson is one funny kid.  There Will Be Bears is a great read for boys, but girls will also enjoy this story.

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