Sunday, June 29, 2014

Sunday Salon

We did have a few days of nice weather and spent three days this week at the pool.  I finally have tan lines - hooray!

This weekend it has been muggy and stormy.  

I have been trying to eat a bit healthier, which has meant that I am serving salads for supper most nights.  This fish taco salad is a recipe that I found on Everyday Reading.  I really enjoyed it, which I expected because I totally trust Janssen.  My kids, not so much.  Living in the midwest, we are more likely to eat a hamburger than fish, and since neither my husband nor I were brought up eating fish, it isn't the first thing I think to make. Thus, my children haven't been exposed to much sea food, either, although they do have to try what I make as our main meal.  

I am feeling totally overwhelmed with books right now.  Although I am reading nearly a book a day, the library stack is enormous! I am hoping to finish up an ARC of Leila Meacham's Somerset (yes, it is an ARC but the book came out last fall), and move on to something else yet today. 

I have a bit of homework to do for an online class I am taking, and still need to exercise yet today.  Although I love parts of this relaxed summer schedule, I am not very good about getting things done, and need to dive in to some of the deep cleaning projects that await.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday, whatever it is you are choosing to do.

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Ti said...

I like to get fish when I go out but I hardly ever make it at home. I may have said it before but my family complains about the smell even though Tilapia is probably one of the mildest you can get. That salad looks good!

I walked again today. Gosh, I am totally a work in progress. So out of shape but I am trying.

I found some really good wine yesterday. I thought it was the wine that Diane Keaton was raving about in her memoir so I picked it up but it turns out I was wrong. Anyway, it was still very good and I drank a little too much. Cupcake Malbec. Keaton's wine was Layer Cake Malbec. Anyway, I found a new grape to love.