Friday, June 27, 2014

Friday Five

My sister has lived in Des Moines for a little over a decade, and we have made  many trips there to visit her.  Our trips have become slightly more adventurous and instead of sitting around her house we have gone a variety of fun places in this nice city.

This week my Friday Five centers around our top five things we experienced this past weekend on our most recent visit to Iowa's capitol city:

The Des Moines Farmer's Market

We can always find something good to buy there.  From food items to crafts....Little Sister found this hat she has added to her collection

The Science Center in Des Moines- this is where I took my girls to see The Dinosaur Named Sue . There are always great things to see and do here.

The Cheesecake Factory is a chain restaurant, something I don't normally get very excited about.  However, I have only been there once before and my girls had never been there. We indulged in a late lunch on Saturday that everyone enjoyed.

Whole Foods is one of my favorite stores. I love looking at all the grocery items.  I just wish we had one closer to us.  My absolute favorite item: their homemade potato chips.  We stocked up on cookies, pizza from their deli, potato chips, sushi, and a variety of other goodies.

The Capitol Building in Des Moines is easily seen from the sky walks in downtown.  Visitors can also take tours of the capitol. We've already been to the capitol, and plan on visiting Terrace Hill, the Governor's mansion next.

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Ti said...

We have a Cheesecake Factory here. Their menu is a little overwhelming but they have something for everyone. Of course, the cheesecake is incredibly rich and weighs like 10 lbs or something if you order a whole one.