Saturday, May 3, 2014

The Magic Trap

The Lemonade War by Jacqueline Davies is almost always checked out at school.  Teachers like to use it as a read aloud and students are hooked, checking out the other books in the series.  The Lemonade War was an Iowa Children's Choice book a few years ago, and I could see how it was nominated. There are a few lessons in it that teachers could use for discussion, along with a little math.  I wasn't entirely sold, but could see how this book was nominated.

However,  I have totally bought into this series since then.  The Lemonade Crime, The Bell Bandit, The Candy Crush and now The Magic Trap have all been fantastic additions to this series.

The Magic Trap is marketed as the last book in the Lemonade War series, but I am still hoping that maybe someday Davies will decide to add another book.  
Evan is busy learning magic in The Magic Trap.  He has quite a few tricks up his sleeve.  He and Jessi are getting along pretty well again, and their mother is planning a work trip and mini vacation to California.  Their dad, a reporter who travels around the globe, just happens to be in town and is able to care for them while their mom is gone.  Jessi can't get enough of her dad's attention, while Evan has a harder time forgiving their father for his constant absence from their lives.  Yet, when Dad offers to assist Evan with his magic show, Evan finds himself softening toward his dad.  

Things can't ever go smoothly, and when a hurricane threatens to come ashore, the Treski children are faced with some scary times.  

Davies finished The Magic Trap in a way that made me smile to myself, as the siblings begin another business venture together.

Kids at school have already asked me for this book and I had to snag it from the latest shipment of new books, knowing I would have a hard time getting my hands on it once it was checked out.

If you haven't read The Lemonade War series they are worth the time and make the perfect read aloud.

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