Thursday, May 1, 2014

Friday Five

This week's Friday Five.  Link up on The Good Life.

I just can't seem to make myself like vinaigrette dressing, despite the fact that I think it is slightly healthier than the creamy dressings.  Litehouse Lite Salsa Ranch has been a nice re-discovery (I used this dressing years ago and sort of forgot about it).  It is significantly lower in calories and fat than the dressing I previously used and just as tasty.

I like Clif bars - almost any kind- but I have been trying to find a gluten free alternative.  Much as I have tried to sell myself on Lara bars, I just can't. However, these Luna protein bars do taste awfully yummy, have 12 grams of protein and are gluten free.

What does it say about me to know that I have awakened the past few days humming (ok, singing) the theme song to Welcome Back, Kotter. I love that show!

And then, I just keep right on singing, going straight into "Movin' on up" the Jefferson's theme song.

I have had a minor obsession with Little House on the Prairie since I was a young girl. I still remember attempting to read Little House on the Prairie when I was in kindergarten because I loved the show so much. And what do  I just happen to be reading to my youngest daughter right now? Little House on the Prairie, of course!  I wish I would have a tally of the number of times I have read these books.  As a teacher I always read at least one of them aloud.  The Today show had a 40 year reunion just the other morning.  If you click on the image, you can see the reunion footage.  

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Ti said...

I don't care for oil based dressings either but came across this one. It has a tiny bit of gluten in it so I can't have it anymore but I used to put it on salads, marinate chicken with it, put it on fish. It's highly versatile and tasty.