Monday, May 12, 2014

Brownie Cakes

Middle Sister saw a recipe on facebook (while she was trolling through my newsfeed) that she has been begging me to try. I have been putting her off for a while, but she managed to do a google search this past weekend and located it again.

Since we were bringing something to my mom's for Mother's Day, this was a good time to try out this dessert recipe.

Brownie Cakes


1 brownie mix (8x8 pan)
creamy peanut butter

In a muffin pan place muffin liners.  

Take two oreos, spreading peanut butter in between them and on top. Place in bottom of muffin liner.

Make brownie mix according to directions on box.  Then spoon 2 Tablespoons of batter over oreo/peanut butter in muffin liner. 

Bake according to brownie directions.

Middle Sister found the recipe at Recipe Snob.  My husband has eaten several already, and although I like them, they are quite rich.  In addition, you may want to make sure you eat them with a glass of milk.....the oreo and peanut butter combination make for a very dry eating experience.

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