Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Until You're Mine

Samantha Hayes' book Until You're Mine is a creepy, suspenseful read- just perfect to cuddle up with on a rainy day. In my case, I decided to read this only while running on the treadmill.  The true test of how good a book is, is whether or not it keeps my interest enough to endure mile upon mile on a treadmill.  Happily this book passed the test.  And, it was so good, that eventually I couldn't keep it to read only while exercising. I finished it last night at my mom's (ignoring the other people around me).

The narrator's of this story are Zoey who is a nanny, Claudia the expectant mother, and Lorraine the detective.  

Claudia is anxiously awaiting the birth of her first daughter. She has endured years of miscarriages and stillbirths, and now it appears that she will soon be a mother.  The family of her dreams is within her grasp, as she is now happily married and raising her step-sons with her naval officer husband.  

Zoey is the newly hired nanny that Claudia has employed to care for her young sons.  Claudia is suspicious of Zoey, as it appears that she has something she is hiding.

Lorraine is a detective dealing with drama on her homefront. Her husband has had an affair, and now her oldest daughter, Grace, is threatening moving out and getting married- before she finishes high school.  Lorraine and her husband work together and are currently attempting to uncover the murderer who has been targeting pregnant women, killing them as they attempt to deliver their baby.

These three narrators are all linked together, and although I felt as though I knew who the murderer was, Hayes has a nice little twist at the end of this novel that surprised me. 

Now that I know how things end up, I wish I had the time to go back through and look at the clues again, seeing how they would lead me to the correct conclusion.

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Ti said...

Reading while ignoring other people. A sign of a good book.

WhenI exercise, so infrequently these days, I prefer to listen to an audio book. Reading a physical book and trying to run on the treadmill would require the type of coordination that I am not capable of.