Sunday, April 6, 2014

Sunday Salon

We are feeling over-scheduled at our house. Between soccer practices, games, and trying to finish off our kitchen, there is not a moment to spare.  

Things were moving along nicely in our kitchen until a week ago. It now appears we have hit a standstill which is disappointing because we are so close to being finished.  The old refrigerator has been sitting in our living room for over a month just waiting for the new owner to pick it up.  We have talked to him, but he apparently is in no hurry.  The plumber isn't rushing right over to install our dishwasher, either.  And the electrician who needs to finish our lighting in the basement?  Well, we haven't seen him lately at all.  

Next weekend my husband and a good friend of his will be doing another flooring project- tiling our entry and stairs.  

We have ordered saddle back chairs for our eating bar.  And, we have planned out the kitchen table (see my Friday Five post to see pictures and info).

Today I'm going to head off to school to get some work done.  There is plenty there for me as well.  

Yesterday Middle and Little Sister had soccer games. For six weeks the two of them play at the same time, mostly in different locations.  Both girls' teams won big and afterwards, they relaxed with a cold drink.

Later we watched Wisconsin lose a heartbreaker to Kentucky at a friend's house.

So today, in addition to school work, I am going to get caught up on some book reviews that are awaiting my attention, and finish reviewing novel excerpt for the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award competition.  I would love to sneak in a run, but there are only so many hours in the day. My husband gets to tackle our taxes, and if he finishes that, he plans on balancing our church's books (he was the unlucky fellow that was elected treasurer a few years ago. This is year 3 of his 3 year term - thank goodness!)

What's on the agenda for your day?

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