Friday, April 4, 2014

Friday Five

This week Friday caught me off guard a little.  I was all ready with a book review only to discover that it was time for the Friday Five.  

Here are a few things of note from the past week:

EOS lip balm has been all the rage around here.  My girls each have one and Little Sister especially wants a honeydew. I spent my lunch hour on Wednesday scouring Target only to come up empty handed. That flavor must be popular because there were plenty there on Saturday.

I added this song to my running playlist. It absolutely drives my daughters crazy, which is an even greater reason to listen to it.

I've had a minor obsession with peanut butter for the last few years.  I have tried to curb this a bit and have resorted to using PB2, a powdered peanut butter. There are only 3 ingredients: peanuts, salt, and sugar.  Just add water, and presto - peanut butter.  I think it is an acquired taste, because I have tried it before and gone back to my favorite Jif with Honey, but this time, I am not minding it a bit.  

At school students are using Powtoon to create short comics about a variety of things they are studying. A great site! I was excited to show my girls, but Middle Sister burst my bubble and showed me that she has been using Powtoon for over a year now.

I have been looking forward to warm weather for months...and what did I find this week that I want to order?  A winter sweater - clearanced for just $49.  I'm not sure I will break down and order it yet, but the price is right, folks.

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Ti said...

Powdered PB? I've never seen that out here. I was checking out the top foods to try at Disneyland and found out that there is one place that makes a PB&J soda! Grape soda with a dash of PB ice cream and whipped cream. Doesn't that sound good?

Those lip balms!! They are the rage here too but guess what? In So Cal, I guess they get too hot on the truck because every time we buy one, there is a 50/50 chance that it's melted inside and is not the dome shape you expect to see which makes it pointless. I have returned one already after her much beloved and hard to find Lemon somethingorother was just a pile of goo.