Friday, January 31, 2014

Friday Five

I am going to blame the mess my house is in now for the fact that I didn't even touch my  computer last night. I can't think of the last time that has happened, which is a little bit sad.  I also came home to Little Sister sleeping at 6:00 PM.  When I finally woke her up and asked if she was OK, she began sobbing because her ears and stomach hurt. I'd been hearing about the ear pain for a few days, so instead of a relaxing evening at home, we spent it at Convenient Care.  Despite the fact that her ears hurt, she does not have an ear infection. She does have strep throat, which apparently can present itself as a stomach ache.  I'm feeling pretty good that  I had them check for strep since she had told me her throat was not sore and they didn't seem inclined to check that themselves.  She cried through the entire appointment, but once she got some medicine in her it was like she was on fire.  She talked at me and danced around until we forced her to go to bed which didn't happen very quickly. I am exhausted this morning, but I'll bet she will feel great.

So....the Friday Five?  Here we go....

With this new kitchen I'm going to get, I want a new dining room table. One that is not stained with Sharpie marker preferably.  Sinking a lot of money into a nice table seems like a bad idea right now with my artsy crafty kids.  Love this DIY IKEA hack farmhouse table on East Coast Creative.

And to go with that new table, I would love to update my dishes.  My Fiestaware is still great, but they've added some new colors, and I would love to have a bright blue set, or even several blue colors to mix together. 

The other new kitchen toy I have been waiting to purchase is this beautiful mixer. I'm still not sure about the color- there are so many to choose from, but if I had new blue dishes, this one would look great! Click on the image for product information.

I'm still trying to purchase books for the book room at our school. This project is dragging on and is very time consuming.  A new publisher I'm impressed with is Blueberry Hill Publishing. There books remind me of Rosie and Bella from Pioneer Valley Press.

And, I came across a great blog post at Kirby's Lane discussing how to help students develop a love of reading.  She echoes my own beliefs about getting kids to be readers.

I've got bread in the oven and an episode of Parenthood to watch before I wake up the girls for school. Have a great Friday, everyone!

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