Monday, March 17, 2014

The Geography of You and Me

Jennifer Smith's books are the perfect books for teen romance lovers- and also for my pre-teen reader, who prefers realistic fiction to other genres.

Smith's newest book, The Geography of You and Me was another fun, sweet read.

Lucy and Owen meet one day while stuck in an elevator. They are from different worlds- Owen's dad is the manager of the luxurious building where Lucy and her family live on the twenty-fourth floor. 

Through some strange chances, both move from the building, never having a chance to reconnect.  Owen's father is fired from his job, still grieving the death of his wife, which is something Owen is also dealing with.

Lucy's father is offered his dream job, and the family moves overseas to Scotland.  

The two keep in touch through postcards - scribbling just a line or two to each other, most commonly, "wish you were here."

A chance of reconnecting doesn't give them a happily ever after ending, as they meet up in California, and they are both in the middle of relationships with other people.

And yet...the two can't give up on each other, either, even though they connected for that one brief time in the elevator.

Smith  has never disappointed me and this book was another sweet teen romance.  I was never quite sure how this would end....although I don't think the ending is a huge surprise, either.  My sixth grade daughter is happy to add this one to her TBR stack, and the high school senior that works for me is also excited to read The Geography of You and Me, showing the wide audience to whom Smith's writing appeals.

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