Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday Salon: Spring Break

Spring Break has officially begun.  Woot-woot!  Unfortunately we had snow again last night, but the seven day forecast gives me somethings to look forward to.

Today was perhaps the laziest day I have had in years.  I laid around in my pajamas until noon - unheard of around here, especially on Sunday, since we have church at 9 AM.  I dozed on and off, read a little, watched some of an episode of The Good Wife, and dozed some more.

Eventually I did make it up to run 6 miles.  I have even washed several loads of clothes.  

We have been operating without an oven since Thursday, which is a bit tricky.  Our faucet for our kitchen sink never was ordered, so the plumber never came on Friday to hook that up.  In the grand scheme of things it is just a small irritation, but between having no oven and no sink, I am having no fun.  

We drove to my mom's for supper tonight so I could make waffles, bacon, and scrambled eggs.  

Our spring break plans include (hopefully) getting a lot of things done in the kitchen, taking a trip to The Mall of America with a co-worker and her daughters and mine (our 3rd annual trip), and enjoying some warm weather.

I'd love to get some books read and some miles logged on the treadmill.  

Happy Spring, everyone!

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Ti said...

You are on Spring Break now? Ours is not until the week of April 7th. We are heading to Palm Desert for a few days but I forgot about the track meets she has scheduled the weekend before and after. She is going to have to miss one of them since she will not be able to practice that week.

I know you are done with the kitchen stuff and that your patience must be wearing thing but it will all be done soon and it will all be worth it.