Saturday, February 15, 2014

Half A Chance

Somewhere in my foty-year-old self there is still that sixth grade girl I used to be - the one who loves reading realistic fiction novels with characters I could relate to.

Half a Chance is Cynthia Lord's latest book geared toward middle grade readers.  Lucy and her parents move to a home in a small tourist town in New Hampshire. Lucy is worried about making friends and fitting in, and is happy to have a neighbor, Nate, who she becomes friends with quickly.

The two spend much of the summer working on taking pictures for a photography contest Lucy is entering. Her father is a famous photographer and Lucy tries hard to measure up to her father's high standards.  However, her father is the judge of the photography contest, and entering the pictures in her own name won't work.

Lucy enjoys hanging out with Nate and learning more about the loons from his grandmother.  Yet, the two are at odds over a photograph Lucy took of Nate's grandmother, Lilah, who is suffering from dementia.  It is easy to see from the picture that Lilah is confused, something that Nate and his parents are trying to coming to terms with.

Lord's latest novel is another excellent realistic fiction novel. She is able to capture the thoughts and feelings of those tween years and create real and interesting characters and stories.  

My oldest daughters are both clamoring to read this book, which I was excited to pass on to them.

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