Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sunday Salon

Without sounding like too much of a whiner, I would love to know when this winter will be over!  We are forecast to get another 3-6" of snow sometime after midnight, which will make the morning commute tricky.  If we commute.  I guess we will wait and see how things develop over night and listen closely to the news tomorrow morning.  I would love to have a snow day if I didn't have to make it up later.  

Our big Valentine extravaganza was taking the girls to Cherry Berry, a yogurt bar, on Friday night.  I seem to be late to the party on this one since I had never even heard of yogurt bars until a few weeks ago.  The girls loved it and want to go right back.

The kitchen - or lack of one- is making cooking rather difficult.  We brought over supplies to my mom's tonight and made some pizza burgers. fI have a few frozen items for our dinners this week, and am cooking up some sweet potato fries for myself for supper.

My husband's high school wrestling season came to a disappointing end yesterday; none of the wrestlers qualified for the state tournament. Now we will be back to him coming home from work well before 6:30, which is the schedule we adjust to during wrestling season.

This evening I'm hoping to do a little clothes folding while watching the Olympics. I feel like I am missing out on the Olympics in Sochi, and keep talking about watching them, but never finding time to sit and really pay attention to what is being shown.

I've got several books I'm working on, and have been busy watching The Good Wife on Amazon Prime. I love that show!

The week ahead will put us one week closer to spring - hooray! 

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Menagerie Soaps said...

I too am so ready for Spring! I didn't get to watch any Olympics either. Oops. Next time. Here's to warm weather :)