Monday, January 6, 2014

Me and TV

I used to be a huge television watcher.  Dukes of Hazzard, The Facts of Life, Benson, Growing Pains, Days of Our Lives, Dallas, Happy Days, Laverne and Shirley, Gilligan's Island, The Brady Bunch, The Cosby Show, Santa Barbara, Friends, Cheers.....and then I went to college and didn't have time (or reception) to watch television anymore. 

I have had brief moments when I have found shows that I have enjoyed, lie Boston Public, my guilty pleasure after the birth of my first child. After Child #2, I managed to watch the entire first season of West Wing while I was up in the middle of the night feeding her. 

But in recent years, I have not found time to watch much television. There are lots of shows that would appeal to me - if I had more time.

Well, over this break, I did allow myself a little bit of tv/movie watching. I'll never catch up, but here are a few things I can check off my list:

Super Size Me - this movie fit in nicely with the book Chew on This: Everything You Don't Want to Know About Fast Food by Eric Schlosser that we read aloud just a few weeks ago.  Definitely interesting.  And a little disgusting, too. (I'm still thinking about my blog about the book).

The Short Game- a Netflix documentary that my friend, Kristin, told me about.  Follows child golfers who are competing to be #1 in the world in their age division.  I can think of lots of people who would like this- and someday I will probably be hearing these names again as they join PGA and LPGA.

From Earth to the Moon- a documentary that I have just started (it's like 72 hours long, so this might be all I get to watch in 2014!), narrated by Tom
Hanks, about the US space race.  I so wish I would have paid attention while this was being taught when I was in sixth grade instead of reading a book under my desk as we would round robin read.

Parks and Recreation - I'd never seen this sitcom before, and I did manage to get in an episode before the girls' bedtime one night.  I don't love it yet, but I would watch it again.

Still on my list to watch someday are Breaking Bad, Parenthood, The Good Wife, Friday Night Lights, and Grey's Anatomy.  What shows should I be adding to my growing TBW list?


Ti said...

Well, I never thought I'd get hooked on The Walking Dead but three episodes in and I was more than hooked. The writing is so good and the acting is very, very good. I watched seasons 1-3 in less than two weeks and then caught up with the current season. They are on a mid-season break right now but pick-up again in February. I got no less than 5 people hooked on it just by talking about it.

I still watch Leave it to Beaver and The Wonder Years on Netflix. I love how different the two families are. Mrs. Cleaver with her pearls and Norma with her teased up dos and bright yellow dresses.

Do you watch Big Bang Theory? I love that show. I think you would like it too.

Laura Bray said...

We just discovered The Mind of a Chef.It's a PBS series. You can get the first season on Neflix. It's so much more than a cooking show. Really fascinating.