Sunday, January 5, 2014

Sunday Salon: Arctic Edition

School has already been called off for tomorrow in anticipation of wind chills that may reach -25 to -55 - yes, that is below zero! I have been out and about all day, and can testify to how horribly cold it is from my own experience.

I did manage to make it to school where a group of us helped sort 66 boxes of books that arrived on Friday for our school library and classroom libraries.  It is a rare event that I get tired of opening boxes, but it took me two separate times of working on these books for me to get all the boxes opened.

These are just a few of the boxes that I managed to open on Friday. I wish I had taken a better picture to document this but there were boxes in so many different locations, not lined up neatly.  While all of this is very exciting, it is also a lot of work.

I also finally broke down and signed up for Netflix.  The girls all have some type of e-reader now that they can watch on, and I can watch on my iPad as well. I don't want us to become a family that is constantly watching television - or who lets their kids watch television as they drift off to sleep, but I do like the different options of programs available to watch.  And, even though I rarely watch TV, I have seen a few more episodes of Parenthood (I'm still on season 2) and have watched the first three episodes of From Earth to the Moon that I checked out from the library.   

On New Year's Eve I had our family watch Apollo 13, which didn't go over very well.  Big Sister is still complaining about how sad this movie was, and apparently my husband has never liked this movie.  

Right now the Green Bay Packers are playing, so Wrestling Man and Middle Sister decided to watch with some friends while I had Big and Little Sister working at school with me.  They are now at my mom's playing with their cousins, which means I am all alone.  I didn't have to cook supper, so I made myself a salad with some blue corn chips, and am nearly ready to curl up with a book.
Since I will have plenty of time tomorrow I should be able to finish off some books and maybe even get in a run on the treadmill. This is the perfect weather to stay inside and get in some reading.

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Ti said...

Oh my gosh! Your household sounds just like mine, minus the horrible cold. My daughter complains if she thinks the movie we've chosen for movie night is too sad or not funny enough. I can tell you, that she uses her Kindle for Netflix all the time but she watches a lot of interesting things, not just Wizards of Waverly Place and Drake and Josh. She watched a Disney documentary the other day and a travel show on Paris, which is where she and I plan to go someday. She also uses YouTube to learn different patterns for her Rainbow Loom. I also put the Overdrive app on her Kindle so she can check stuff out from the library, including audio books. She has been enjoying them on the Kindle.

I sure hope you warm up soon. It doesn't even seem real to me when I turn on the news and they are talking about -50 wind chill. Here, it's just dry but I really worry about fire. One spark and we are going up.