Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sunday Salon

It definitely feels like fall today - cold and wet.  My husband was looking forward to watching the Green Bay Packers football game, but for the second week in a row, their game is not televised. Before I realized that, I had already decided to make some buffalo chicken dip as a little treat to eat while watching the game. I'm sure we'll all enjoy the food (at least my husband and I will), and he will find some game to watch.  

My mom has season tickets to a local children's theater. Today is a performance of Eleanor Estes' book, The Hundred Dresses. Middle Sister loved the book so my three girls and my nieces and nephew will all be going to the play with my mom.  

My excitement for the day includes laundry, working at school, and hopefully reading.  The weather is perfect for curling up with a great book.  I finished Adrianna Trigiani's newest book (to be released this month, I think) and have started Freud's Mistress.  Although I am not very far into it, I am totally enjoying it.  

My husband and I have been talking about redoing our kitchen for quite a while. Even when we moved here six years ago, we knew that eventually we would need to do something to that part of the house.  After much discussion and quite a bit of negotiation, we are moving forward.  This week our kitchen designer, Jen, is coming to tape everything so we can see where things will be when it is completed.  I'll have to be sure and snap some before photos before construction begins and share on the blog.

Wednesday night while I was busy listening to Doris Kearns Goodwin speak with my mom, Little Sister lost her first tooth.  This was momentous at our house- it is the last first lost tooth we will have - and it is something she has been just begging to have happen for years.  
The tooth fairy didn't let her down, and she has promptly added the money to her bank.

We've got more soccer this week and a few other places we need to be. However, when I look at the calendar, this coming week looks far better than the next one!

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Ti said...

My husband is a huge Packer fan so he feels your husband's pain. The dip sounds good though! I love football food!