Friday, October 11, 2013

Boot and Shoe: Bedtime Reading

Now that Little Sister is a first grader, she is reading more to us at night. That is cutting into our exploration of new picture books since many of them are still just a little too difficult and long.  However, when my friend, Kelly, a children's librarian recommended Boot and Shoe to me the other day, I read it quickly, and knew I would have to check it out to share at home.

Boot and Shoe are two dogs born in the same litter. They continue to live together in the same house, and share many things including their bed, their food, and their favorite bush to pee on.  However, there are many things they do separately - one is a front porch dog, while the other is a back porch dog.  Things get confusing for the two when a squirrel arrives.  The two can't resist their canine tendency to chase this animal, and after the fun is done, the two cannot find each other.  A day of desperation ensues- no sleep for either one, as they look for each other.

As I was reading aloud, Little Sister loved the illustrations, tracing the chase route Boot and Shoe used with the squirrel and worrying about whether the two will ever find each other again.

I've been trying to restrict the number of books that I'm buying for our home, but Boot and Shoe is a story I'll be adding to our collection.  It's definitely a winner!

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