Sunday, October 13, 2013

Sunday Salon: Birthday Party Edition

Today I have been racing around preparing for Little Sister's birthday party.  This is the first birthday party I have hosted at my house where I have had to provide entertainment.  We've thrown around a variety of ideas, but finally  have settled on a cooking theme for the big event.

The first activity was decorating aprons.  Fabric markers, and cute frilly aprons from Hobby Lobby were the only supplies required and the girls spent a long time decorating.

We moved on from aprons to decorating cookies.  I had made five sugar cookies for each girl, then let them have fun making a mess with a variety of frosting and sprinkles.

Little Sister and Middle Sister (who was highly entertaining) had a great time perfecting their gooey concoctions.  

We took a short break for presents, then headed back to the kitchen for personal pizza making (with English muffins and a variety of toppings).  

The two hour party flew by, and could have been a bit longer simply because I felt like I was shoving food down their throat the entire time. The weather was beautiful and even though the party was a bit rushed, the girls still found time to get in a walk on our wooded trail.

Unfortunately I didn't get time to read very much this weekend with all the party preparations and cleaning. But....I did manage to make my house look much more presentable and feel like even though this coming week is going to be crazy busy, my house is starting off clean.  

How about you? How did you spend your weekend?


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Congrats and Birthday wishes to Little Sister - sounds like a fun day.

Anne Bennett said...

You sound like me. I was always accused of making a lesson plan for my daughters' birthday parties. But now that they are grown they seem to appreciate all the effort I went through to make them special.

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Ti said...

We did a pizza making party once and it was a lot of work! I hope the girl enjoyed it and had the best bday ever.