Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sunday Salon

Today is an absolutely beautiful fall day.  For supper I am grilling  out - veggies, chicken, and also oven roasted potatoes and watermelon. It's the same menu as  last week, but I liked it then, and can't wait to eat it again. I've also made puppy chow for the girls to snack on, my Heritage Apple Cake, and goulash.  

My husband returned from Seattle late  Thursday night - just in time to get to be around for Little Sister missing school on Friday because she was sick.  This weekend he has changed our front door lock which wasn't always working when the code was punched in, and added a garage door opener with a code outside as well.  

Today he drove to Eau Claire to pick up a piano from his aunt and uncle's house.  They are moving and no longer want the family piano. Since we have three girls taking lessons they wondered if we wanted it. The girls have a nice keyboard, but it will be great to have a piano - at least after the trauma of moving it inside is over. 

I could use another day to stay at home and get things picked  up and organized, but have just a few hours left of the weekend. I am trying to finish up another book to review and also get some lesson plans done.  

I hope you are enjoying what's left of Sunday and finding a way to relax before the work week begins.

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Ti said...

Wow! A piano. Did you find a good spot for it?

Hope your daughter is feeling better. Mine is and spent the entire Sunday talking non-stop to prove it.

I am so not ready for this week but I try to remind myself that so many others have it much worse. Deaths and money issues and stuff like that. I just need to get through the busy week and work aound my son's numerous scheduling conflicts. We seriously cannot go on like this for long.