Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sunday Salon

I've spent most of today working at school cataloguing books for our teacher book room.  In addition to church this morning, this has meant no relaxation for me yet.  I was excited to arrive home a while ago, hoping to sit and read for a while before supper, but instead have been trying to scour the house for a missing soccer shin guard.  No luck yet in finding it, but I am still taking a break.

Tomorrow is supposed to be another scorcher, followed by some cooler, more enjoyable weather.  I would appreciate rain at any point simply for the fact that Little Sister is quite the allergy sufferer.  She had a follow-up appointment this past Wednesday with an allergist and now is taking Claritin in addition to her flonase.  Even with this medication she is up in the night blowing her nose repeatedly, while I get to lay by her and hand her tissues.

We've got soccer practice this week, soccer games, piano lessons, and Big Sister is starting confirmation class on Wednesday night. This Friday/Saturday we are having a garage sale.  I have plenty to do, but am eager to begin reading the Rose Kennedy biography I have checked out.  There are a few book reviews I have waiting to post later this week, and maybe I'll get a few more books finished up since I have several that are in progress right now.

I'd also like to watch another episode of Orange is the New Black on Netflix or House of Cards. Sadly, television viewing rarely happens for me.  

What about you?  What's up for your week?

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Ti said...

My week should be a slow one. The Teen is busy but nothing that requires my assistance. Next week though will be tough with show rehearsals starting and it being homecoming week. He has to work it and I volunteered to work it too. I am a horrible chaperone so I hope I get the snack table.

Shin guard? Check the car!