Friday, September 6, 2013

Bill Bryson's Latest

Bill Bryson's latest book, One Summer: America,  1927 was a bit intimidating at first. At just over 450 pages, it is a bit of a chunkster.  Yet, in typical Bryson fashion, this book is easily readable Although non-fiction and full of interesting tidbits about life in America in 1927, it reads as though it were a story.  

Charles Lindbergh, Babe Ruth, and Herbert Hoover are three famous Americans whose lives during that one amazing summer are recounted.  Other people, no less important, but without as much name recognition also have their stories told.  Bryon writes of the biggest school explosion ever that happened in 1927, the Mississippi's record breaking floods, and the murder trial of Ruth Snyder and Judd Gray who had killed Ruth's husband so the two could be together. 

This entire book is entertaining and informative and an amazing recounting of one special summer.  I have read several of Bryson's books in the past, but One Summer may be his best book to date.

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Ti said...

I love Bryson. I was supposed to get this one as an ARC and it never arrived.

My fave of his is A Walk in the Woods but I have read several of his books. He's a great story teller.