Monday, September 9, 2013

The Exercise Edition

Well, this week is the tenth week of my second session of NLXF (Next Level Xtreme Fitness) classes.  I love the classes, but I can't say that I've lost an amazing amount of weight or look much different than I did before. Part of me feels that it really does show tremendous results in people who are not used to exercising at all. I, on the other hand, have traded in many of my treadmill miles for NLXF classes.  The workout is more intense than what I would do on my own, but it is entirely different from running. And I can tell when I hop on the treadmill that I'm not in great running shape.  But.....more and more I have been wanting to run.  Outside.  Without the treadmill and being able to read.  I really think much of running long distances is mental.  And I am getting closer and closer to committing to really being an outdoor runner.

Last weekend I ran in a powder run 5 K. My time wasn't amazing- 28:30 for 3.1 miles, but not bad, either. This week I bought myself an arm band to hold my ipod.

Here's the other thing that is motivating me:
I am loving these new shoes!

This blog that my friend, Christy, introduced me to is another motivator:  And this magazine is giving me a bit to think about as well: 

I'm not letting myself go shopping for any new workout clothes just yet, but if I did, these pants would be on the top of my list:

I love Athleta, but my mom received a catalog from Sweaty Betty, a British company that I've fallen in love with, too.  There are lots of great looking workout clothes in their latest catalog, but I especially love this yoga bra:
So, we'll see how this outdoor running thing goes.  This week is my last week in the NLXF session. Then there is a three week break.  Maybe in that time, I'll find a few opportunities to get outside and run.

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Ti said...

With shoes like those, you have to run! LOL.

I am horrible at exercising. I really like to walk but even with fab audio books I get bored after awhile. The other thing, is that I always, always gain weight when I exercise and it doesn't matter how strict I am with the food, I always gain. I don't believe that muscle weighs more. One pound of muscle is the same as one pound of fat! LOL. I know that the more muscle you have, you are supposed to burn more calories but my body doesn't work that way.