Friday, September 27, 2013

Sea Creatures

Stiltsville, Susanna Daniels' first novel was one of my absolute favorites the year it was published. The Florida setting and watching one woman's life  - its ups and downs through the decades makes for wonderful women's fiction.

Sea Creatures is set again in Stiltsville, Georgia's hometown.  Georgia has brought her husband and young son, Frankie, home with her in an effort to make a fresh start. Georgia's husband has a severe sleep disorder, and despite attempts to control it, cannot. The family leaves Illinois in the midst of scandal, desperate for a new beginning.

On a whim, Georgia takes a job as an errand runner for a reclusive artist that her parents once knew.  Frankie can accompany her every day, which works well. Georgia is also concerned because at age three, Frankie does not speak.  This job opens up a new world for both Georgia and her son, and suddenly Georgia realizes she must choose between her husband and son.

Daniel's latest book is every bit as good as her first. The Florida setting is one Daniels knows and writes of easily.  Her characters feel real as Georgia's faults are revealed. I could feel myself identifying with her even though I didn't always agree with her decisions.

Sea Creatures is a well-written women's fiction novel; I'm looking forward to more work from Susanna Daniels.

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Ti said...

I often find myself gravitating towards women's fiction but then find myself disappointed by the writing but your last line about it being well-written stands out to me. I am all for that!