Thursday, September 5, 2013

IKEA Update

Just before school started I made my second annual trip with my friend Robin to IKEA.  I love this store, but sadly, the closest one is 3 hours away.  I had a list and some measurements ready to go since Big Sister was ready - and patiently waiting- to have her room redone.  

I had the boxes sitting in our garage for a month now, but with school starting up, hadn't had any free time to work on it.  My brother offered to help me build it this weekend, and I happily took him and my sister-in-law up on this offer. Somehow my husband has never been involved in one of our furniture building parties, but this time he got in on the action, too.

Below are the pictures from the now completed bedroom:

The room looks great, although it still needs some things on the wall.  Sadly, this cut into my reading time this weekend :(


(Diane) Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Nice job. We have an IKEA just over an hour away and I've never been there, though my grown children like it a lot.

Ti said...

We have an Ikea close to us but it's so darn crowded. I don't have the patience to go there too often. And now that I cannot eat their Swedish Meatballs (gluten) I find myself going there less. LOL.

The room looks lovely. My daughter would approve.