Monday, July 8, 2013

Reading and Eating

My mom has been nice enough to work with Little Sister and my niece on reading this summer.  A few years ago my mom worked with Middle Sister and then gifted her a quilt for her hard work.  When Little Sister found out about the quilt she was all over it, calling my mom while she was on vacation in Phoenix to set up some reading time of her own (little did my mom know that she also expected a quilt).  These two girls eagerly find time nearly every day to visit Grandma and work on some reading skills.  My mom, who taught kindergarten for twenty-five years plays some games with them and listens to them read.  She also happens to have some baby kitties in the barn that the girls play with every day.   Last night these two giggly girls enjoyed some spinach and arugula with a little ranch dressing.  

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