Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Salon

My girls have officially started summer vacation. I think they spent the first day fighting with each other.  Hopefully, that's out of the way.  Yesterday we noticed some water in Middle Sister's bedroom. What we thought was just a small damp spot quickly morphed into half of her room having water in it.  To make matters even more exciting, my husband was at an all day high school wrestling camp with his wrestlers and I was working at the public library in the morning.  Luckily my father in law and neighbor came and vacuumed water out and attempted to locate the origin of the leak.

I wish I could say that the leaky basement is all taken care of, but sadly, it is not. In fact, there is now water in a bit of the room adjacent to Middle Sister's bedroom.  We have moved all of the furniture out of Middle Sister's bedroom and crammed it in to other parts of our house.  And, until we get it fixed, we cannot put our basement back together.  

I had just started to think about our kitchen remodel we were planning.  As of today, I can't imagine demolishing a kitchen with my basement in such disarray.  Not the best way to start our summer break.  

We did manage a hair cut for Little Sister last week.  This coming week we have golf lessons to look forward to, a library trip, softball games, band lesson, and piano lessons.  I can tell we are really not in our summer groove yet, as my girls have all complained about being bored.  Since our weather is not very summer-like we don't have a trip to the pool planned any time soon. 
Little Sister's Summer Hairdo

Since it is sort of gloomy outside, I have high hopes of curling up with a good book and relaxing in between helping shop vac our basement.

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Ti said...

Oh, the water thing does not sound good. That kind of stuff always happens when the husband is off doing something! I hope it can be taken care of easily.

Summer is almost here for my kids! My son has been out since the end of May. The high schools let out so early this year. My daughter has this week and then she is done.

It's still a busy summer but a good busy. No homework! Yay! I hate the homework.