Monday, June 10, 2013

Bella and Rosie

We have different families we are friends with and in some, sports seem to be the focal point. In others, music is where their family spends their time and places importance.  Would it surprise you to know, that in our family reading is pretty important?  (My husband would pick sports over books any day, but with three girls who are not sports obsessed, the reading and books win out).  

I spent a ton of time reading to Big Sister when she was little. Some nights we would read huge stacks of books at bedtime.  Even Middle Sister got in on that from time to time.  Poor Little Sister.  The older girls have moved on to having chapter books read to them and there is never quite enough time to read mountains of books like we used to at night.  Instead there are soccer and softball games, gymnastics, piano lessons, soccer practices and get the picture. 

But reading is still really important to me - and her liking reading is really important, too.  So, for the summer I picked up some leveled readers to borrow from our Title I teachers at school. Little Sister is my animal lover. She loves anything cute and furry. Bella and Rosie books, featuring two cute furry dogs are right up her alley.  

She has been determinedly working her way through these books that I brought home. And, having her own Bella and Rosie dogs haven't hurt anything, either.

Pioneer Valley Books publishes the popular (at least to Little Sister) Bella and Rosie books, and parents can order from this website themselves.  She was very excited to get her own stuffed Bella and Rosie dogs, and I predict a lot of cuddling with them as she reads over the summer.

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Margie Durham said...

Thanks for the suggestion. I am really enjoying reading to my granddaughter and encouraging her love books as I do and my daughters do.