Saturday, June 29, 2013

Big Girl Panties

I have always loved books about body image and weight, perhaps because I have always struggled with those things myself.  Big Girl Panties by Stephanie Evanovich (Janet's niece) is a great beach read (although I will warn you, there are some pretty descriptive sex scenes for readers who don't want that) that covers the topic of body image.

Holly Brennan is a young widow- just 32 - and much heavier than she should be. Although she has never been thin, the death of her husband Bruce has sent her weight spiraling out of control. On a plane trip back from Toronto she meets Logan Montgomery, personal trainer to the stars, who offers to train her.

You can probably guess where this story line is going.  It is a bit predictable. But I didn't mind a bit. Evanovich doesn't just share Holly's thoughts, she also shares Logan's, and that's where I thought things got very interesting.  Holly knows she will never be a skinny girl- she is just not built that way. But, those last 20 pounds seem to be hanging on, and Holly's more sturdy build isn't the type of girl Logan typically dates. He is known for dating blond, willowy supermodels.  And he feels bad for noticing Holly doesn't fit the bill. I liked that Evanovich addresses that - and she addresses that being attracted to someone means being attracted to the whole package, not just their body.  

I've read a few other reviews that found this book too stereotyping, yet even though that may be true, I liked Holly and Logan. Yes, Holly still needed to lose weight to find love, which isn't necessarily a great message, but Logan also had a few issues he needed to work out as well.  I found this book motivating and informative as Logan coached Holly into making better life choices, and I think Evanovich did this while still allowing Holly to not need to be skinny and letting her be a real, flawed woman.

Evanovich's debut will have me looking for more from her.


Peaceful Reader said...

Sounds interesting Tina! I think this is a topic not explored much in adult fiction.

Ti said...

I can relate to the weight battle but I really don't like that Holly feels the need to be thin in order to find love. I have friends and even a coworker who continually "reinvent" themselves hoping for the magic relationship to materialize and it never does and they are never happy!