Friday, June 28, 2013

Middle Sister's Reading

There was a time back when Middle Sister was in kindergarten or first grade when I just wasn't sure if she was going to enjoy reading.  I know it happens to kids.  I see it all the time.  And I know that she aspires to be different from Big Sister, who loves reading.  We spent a summer where my mom would work with her on some reading skills and activities because when my husband and I tried it was so awful we lasted all of thirty seconds.

Today - a few years later- I can happily report that Middle Sister is a reader. She loves to read, but she might not want anyone to notice that fact.  What she reads is completely different than what her sister reads. She is my dreamer, my imaginative child, so it is no wonder that the fantasy genre beckons her.  She is also the child who loves a good scare and thrives on suspense.

This summer she has decided to read The Thirty Nine Clues series.  Assigned the first book at school, we never heard such whining.  Until she got into the book. And now, it is hard to get her to do much else.  She knows how to work the system: if she tells me she is reading, I will surely leave her alone. Reading comes before work (at least that is what she believes).

I predict that by the end of summer, this entire series will have been devoured.  I'm always on the lookout for something she will enjoy. Her past favorites include:
Stolen Children by Peg Kehret

The True Meaning of Smek Day

Middle School is Worse Than Meat Loaf

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Ti said...

I loved summer reading as a kid! I spent hours, and I mean HOURS at the library in these cave-like cubbies they had. But my daughter (and son for that matter) do not reach for books often. I signed her up for the summer reading program on June 10th and she's only read a few chapters.