Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sunday Salon: Construction Edition #2

Last week I should have titled my Sunday Salon the Destruction Edition. This week we have had a bit more positive progress on our water problem.  We have not had any water in our basement since last Saturday when they turned off our water in our neighbor's basement - even the two torrential downpours we have had didn't bring in any water.  

Although we had no water for six days this past week, we have had the cement in front of our garage poured. It looks nice - as nice as cement can look, I guess.  I have been educated now in the varieties that cement comes in and how expensive this is. Who would have thought?  

The rural water company came and put a rather unattractive short white pole in our yard that is the hook up to get water and contains the meter.  I am guessing we will get used to it, and really, what was our choice?

The drilling in our basement began on Thursday afternoon to hook up a line to the rural water pipes. Amazingly, our house is still standing.  The plumbers did make sure to tell us that hooking up to this water was not going to be easy.

On Wednesday I made a trip with my oldest daughter's Girl Scout troop to Minnesota. It was only for a day but we did manage to go to the Como Zoo and the Mall of America where we visited their Sea Aquarium. The girls did a few rides each, we shopped, and then headed home.  Supper was at Johnny Rocket's, a new place to me, but I loved the 60's atmosphere, and can't wait to take all my girls there on a our next trip.  Since I will be paying for new cement, a new water heater, and excavation of my yard along with about a hundred other things with this project, I didn't do much spending.  The best purchase I made was from Marbles: The Brain Store.  They had the original Spirograph set:
Big Sister picked the game Stomple that we have added to our collection at home

This coming week is Big Sister's final softball game - YAY! I am ready for some free nights.  No big 4th of July plans here, which is OK.  The weather looks to be beautiful, although a little cool. I am so missing the heatwave of last summer.
How about you? What do you have planned for the week?

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