Monday, April 8, 2013

My Voyeuristic Tendencies

I'm not sure what fascinates me so much about other people's lives, but as a fan of memoirs and biographies, it  should come as no surprise that I also love reading blogs that people write about their lives. Sure, I love the book blogs that are on my blogroll and I do read those, but I am totally sucked in to reading some random blogs written by people I have never met and hearing all about what they have going on.
It reaffirms for me that my life is no worse or better than anyone elses.  And, it also entertains me to hear about the daily activities of the average Joe Blow. Big Sister is also into reading blogs, keeping me informed on who is having a baby, trying a new recipe,or going shopping. Her voyeuristic tendencies come  naturally to her. What can I say?

If you are looking to be entertained and read about someone else's life, these blogs are ones you should check out:

Big Mama Blog- written by Melanie Shankel, I am late to the party on this one. Shankel just published her first book, Sparkly Green Earrings which recaps fairly succinctly what she has blogged about up until now.  A Texas native, Shankel talks about her role as a mother of Caroline with humor and also includes a bit of her faith.

Boo Mama- my friend Kristin told me about both Big Mama and Boo Mama - and added that the two women are friends. Well, being late to the party like I told you, I haven't yet figured out the friendship thing. I'm not doubting Kristin, because she loves reading about other people maybe more than I do, but I need to read further back in blog posts.  

I Get To - Darla Baerg presents a funny look at her life as well as takes time to share her faith and her positive life view on her blog. I was introduced to this one a few years ago, and still check in from time to time.

Kelly's Korner- OK, Basically my friend Kristin should have just written this post because in addition to Boo Mama and Big Mama, she also recommended Kelly's Korner as a blog I would enjoy.  And of course, she was right.  If you can't tell what type of blog I enjoy by the previous three choices, by now I hope you are getting the hint.  Kelly is a mom of two girls who shares her daily adventures in parenting, recipes, pictures, and faith.  

Fiddledeedee - Linked to Boo Mama's blog, this is a fun blog by a homeschooling mom. Not so very different from the other blogs I read, but after starting on a blog, I find it hard to not want to know more.  It's like we're family after I've read all about them!

My Fascinating Life - I started reading this blog when Amanda from A Patchwork of Books linked it with her Fitness Friday posts. Caroline is a Florida mom who has lost weight and tries to lead a healthy lifestyle.  I will admit I think her workouts are a bit insane- and only possible because she doesn't have to go to work every day - but I feel like I know her family.

I have tons of other blogs I could share - and probably will at some point.  I am easily sucked in to cooking blogs and had a hard time not including any of these in this post. Are there great blogs that I am missing out on? What blogs do you read (aside from book blogs) regularly?

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Rachel said...

I like to read This mom tells about her life with her two kids and her hubby, and she draws pictures to go along with her posts. Very real-life and very funny. One of my favorite posts is: