Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The List

The little blurb on the cover of Karin Tanabe's The List calls it a "Smartly Paced  and Dishy Political Thriller," which sums it up perfectly to me.

I loved the fun of this book.  Adrienne Brown has left her job at Town and Country magazine to move back home (at the age of twenty-eight!) to work for The Capitolist, a political publication that causes Adrienne to forego sleep and reduce her income dramatically as she enters the frenetic pace at "the List." 
Adrienne meets a few nice girls at work, but Olivia Campo, who works the White House beat, is anything but nice.  And when Adrienne finds out a few things about Campo, she has a hard time deciding whether to make this knowledge public or keep it to herself.

There's a bit of suspense as Adrienne does some undercover detective work as she is learning things about Olivia that made it almost impossible for me to put the book down.  I love books with a Washington, D.C., setting and Adrienne's journalism career uncovering bits of info on today's politicians proved entertaining. Based (loosely) on Tanabe's own experiences at Politico this is a book that reminded me a bit of The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger.  

A very fun and fast read.

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