Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sunday Salon

Where does time go?! Friday I ended up having a snow day, as did my girls, meaning that we had a three day weekend.  With this extra day I should be super-caught up on everything, but sadly, I feel like I could use an extra day before I won't be feeling behind.

Here are a few things we did get done:
1.  shoveling - this was actually sort of enjoyable on Friday because it was warmish (31 degrees) and sunny.

2.  Matching socks - I knew this was not going to be a winner of a job, but I offered to pay the girls 2 cents per pair matched.  They all earned at least $1, and Little Sister was the big winner, earning $1.38.  Yes, we have a lot of socks in our house.

3.  Tried out a recipe for red beans and rice from Iowa Girl Eats. The two adults at our house enjoyed it, but the girls found it too spicy (I would agree that this isn't really a great kid meal). 

4.  Two episodes of Gilmore Girls watched with the family - still working our way through Season 2.

5.  Finally tried out my new running shoes. Can't wait til my new treadmill shows up in a few weeks!

6.  Visited with Peaceful Reader at the library - a long overdue catch-up session.

7.  Taught Sunday School, cooked cheeseburger soup, Middle Sister's indoor soccer double header, helped Little Sister with her Star Student of the Week poster.

8.  Began the Pinterest challenge hosted by Janssen at Everyday Reading (be looking for my post on this tomorrow).

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