Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Salon

This past week was my girls' first week of summer vacation.  We managed to have basketball camp for four days, two trips to the pool, trips to the library where we signed up for summer reading, three softball games, and said goodbye to my oldest daughter's best friend and family who are moving. It has been a busy week. 
And in addition to that, we are packing for vacation.  Tomorrow we head off to Disney World for a week of fun and sun.  This is a big trip for us - one we've been saving several years for.  Our youngest daughter has never been on an airplane and is excited about that and seeing Minnie Mouse. Our older two girls were at Disney five years ago and are excited to be heading back.  There are still many things to clean and pack and prepare for. 
So what do I want to do? Sit down and read. It's another beautiful, hot summer day here and I would love nothing better than to hang out and read. Even though our vacation will be busy, I am still hoping there is some time for relaxing by the pool at the home where we are staying.  I have a few posts scheduled for this week and we will have internet access while we are there so I am hoping to post from Florida as well.

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Anonymous said...

Have a great trip, Tina! I remember those fun summer days and memorable times at Disneyworld. It was my daughter's favorite place.