Monday, June 11, 2012

The Kennedys

I've always enjoyed books about the presidents, vice presidents, first ladies, and pretty much anyone who has inside knowledge of the First Family.  And what First Family continues to have books published about it more than 40 years since his administration?  Yes, the Kennedys, of course.  The year is only half over and already I have read two books on the Kennedys with a few more on my TBR stacks. 
J. Randy Taraborrelli's latest book After Camelot tells about the lives of all the Kennedys from JFK and Jackie to Ethel and Bobby, Ted and Joan, as well as their children and grandchildren and those of their sisters as well.  After Camelot didn't reveal any big secrets. Much of the Kennedys' lives are already well documented. But this book places all the information about this family in one book that is full of anecdotes and information that gives a glimpse of what these famous people are really like. 
I found myself eagerly reading this book, enjoying the familiarity it provided to the Kennedys and the era that they can claim as their own.

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