Monday, April 30, 2012


Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain is an amazing look at the world of introverts.  While being an extrovert is considered the ideal in America, at least one third of the population are introverts.
Cain, instead of trying to change these introverts, goes on to show how this large group of people impacts our world. She is also able to show that the complexities that  make each person unique may also allow them to be extroverts in certain situations and introverts in others.
I especially enjoyed the portion of this book dealing with education. Classrooms are set up to teach students in groups, designed to educate the extroverts.  As an educator and self professed introvert I could understand Cain's research and how introverts feel in this situation.  Introverts may have great ideas, but hesitate to share them in a group setting.  They are often overpowered by their extroverted counterparts, who are not necessarily smarter, but more able to share their ideas freely.
Cain gives good advice to parents of introverts, providing ideas on how to raise this type of child. And Cain has done her research, sharing tidbits about famous introverts throughout history.
While it is true that at times I may seem to be extroverted, I am truly an introvert who has learned to cope and function in an extroverted world.  What I would most appreciate is not only an awareness that not everyone needs to be an extrovert, but also an appreciation for introverts and all they offer.

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Glad you had the chance to read this. Quite informative for sure.