Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday Salon

I can now officially say that there are less than 20 days of school left!  Amazing! I have two more weeks of scheduled library classes and then two weeks of inventory to do. 
I started jotting down the different activities we have going on this week, and after composing my list I can see why so little reading is getting done.  There is a lot of running around to get people to soccer practices and games and softball practice. Add in gymnastics, piano lessons, a dental appointment for me, an early morning breakfast meeting for me along with an after school meeting, this week ahead is already making me tired.
I had a personal day this past Tuesday and did very little aside from running 7 miles.  I have been working on getting back to running like I used to. It is not much fun to be out of shape.
Big Sister had her States Night at school.  All the fourth graders had to present on the state they researched and decorate a parade float on a Radio Flyer wagon.  Despite saying she was nervous, she did a great job! However, we are happy to have this done with.  Some of the floats were amazing, but I am happy to report that Big Sister did hers by herself and her parents did not do the whole project for her. I am fine with helping, but the teacher in me knows that this project is not meant for the parents to do entirely. 
Last night our family watched We Bought a Zoo and enjoyed it a lot. The girls want to watch it again today before I take the DVD back to the library.
Exercise this past week: 4 morning workouts, 19.2 miles run as well as Saturday and a 3 mile walk with a friend
Books Read: Quiet by Susan Cain, Heaven is Here by Stephanie Nielson, Schooled by Gordon Korman
Latest Addiction: Rice Krispie treats. We have eaten two pans in the past 4 days which means I won't be making these anytime soon.
Looking forward to: our Disney Trip in June!  Bought our airline tickets this week! 

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