Monday, January 23, 2012

The Future of Us

Carolyn Mackler and Jay Asher have united to write an interesting and thought provoiking YA novel. Set in 1996, before the invention of Facebook, Emma is excited to have her first computer. However, when she boots it up this strange thing called Facebook appears on her screen. While looking at it, Emma finds out information about someone who looks like an older version of herself. Enlisting the help of her neighbor Josh, the two try to determine if this is someone's idea of a joke, or if they really are seeing into their future. They become aware of how little changes they make in their lives leave long lasting ripples in their futures. Should they try and change things in order to ensure their happiness? Or should they leave things as they are?

I loved the 90's references to music and television....Josh and Emma are reliving my high school years. The only flaw I could find with references to life in 1996 is the number of characters that owned cell phones. In 1996 the cell phone I owned was a phone in a bag.... a large telephone that plugged in to my cigarette lighter in my vehicle. I didn't know anyone who regularly carried a cell phone with them. (Picky, huh?) Despite that, this is a book sure to get you thinking about what Josh and Emma should do. And even though I thought I would do a great job making decisions for them, Josh and Emma find a fitting resolution for themselves.


Katie DeKoster said...

I just started this last night! Will have to come back and read your review once I've finished the book :)

kenpen said...

I have this, but haven't started it yet. I love the concept.