Monday, September 26, 2011

The Sixes

I love Kate White's mysteries and have had my eyes out for a while for anything new that might be coming out from her. When I saw The Sixes I was intrigued by the departure from White's series, not sure I would enjoy this novel.

The Sixes sucked me in right away. I started it on Saturday morning and read nearly the whole time I worked at the public library (It does help to have a job like this where there aren't tons of customers and my own children can't bother me). I loved the suspense in this novel, set at a college and featuring a secret society (The Sixes) of mean girls.

Phoebe Hall is a new professor at Lyle College where her good friend Glenda is the president. When a Lyle student goes missing and turns up drowned in a river, Glenda asks Phoebe to do some sleuthing around on her own to see what she can uncover. Not only does she uncover the existence of the Sixes and becomes the target of some of their pranks, she also starts digging into what could possibly be a serial killer who seems to target a co-ed each fall and spring and push them into the river.

This book was creepy and suspenseful and full of interesting twists and turns. I loved the college setting and the way in which the plot unfolded. Although The Sixes could easily be a stand alone novel, I am hoping that readers get to meet up with Phoebe Hall again sometime. Kate White has managed to write another great novel.

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Anonymous said...

I haven't read any of Kate White's books yet. I do have this one here and think the whole "mean girls" plotline sounds good. Your positive reaction is a boost to me too.

By the way, fun that you can read while working at the library. That was a big, big, big no-no at my library. And it's funny because everything thinks, "Oh, you work in a library. You must get to read at work all the time."

Hmmm...not so much! LOL