Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Luck of the Buttons

Anne Ylvisaker's The Luck of the Buttons has been sitting in my library stack for far, far too long. Set in Iowa in the early 1900s, this slim novel tells Tug Buttons' story - how her family never seems to have any luck. Tugs is excited, and somewhat surprised, when Aggie, a girl clearly out of Tugs' social circle, asks her to run the three legged race together, and from that point on luck seems to have turned for Tugs. Tugs is also the only person who is suspicious of a new arrival in town promising to start a town paper and asking for money from its residents as an investment in the paper. I loved how this story developed and grew more interested after my initial inability to really get into this book. By book's end I was totally in love with Tugs and her family. While reading I felt hints of Kit Kitteridge, the American girl, and appreciated the time period this story is set in.

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Kate said...

It sounds like a cute read and I'm kind of loving the name Tugs... :)