Thursday, August 4, 2011

Thursday Throwback

I can't believe I have yet to mention a book series so loved by me as a child. Just last week my daughter was adding books to her goodreads account and brought out a stack of books by Carolyn Haywood. The Betsy books were some of the first chapter books I read independently. My local public library had many in the collection and in addition to reading about Betsy I also read all about her friend Eddie.

When my girls were just getting into listening to chapter books for our nightly bedtime read alouds these were some of my first go-to books. The one drawback for me is that some of what Betsy experiences is no longer relevant to life today. Talking about a dunce cap is one example that I had to explain. There are several things like this in the series, and some of that I like because it certainly broadens young readers' knowledge. But without me reading it aloud and explaining it, there is no way my girls would gain an understanding on their own.

Still, I have happy memories of Haywood's books and can still recall many of the stories.

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