Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Daughters Take the Stage

The Daughters Take the Stage by Joanna Philbin is the third installment of this cute tween series that I am loving more and more with each book. This third book focuses on Hudson as she begins her music career under the over-protective, meddling eye of her pop star mother, Holla Jones. Unable to stand up to her mother at first, but wanting to create her own music- not her mother's idea of what her music sounds like- Hudson temporarily gives up her musical aspirations. Although her two besties Lizzie and Carina make appearances in this novel, The Daughters Take the Stage is truly Hudson's story as she learns how to be true to herself and stick up for herself.

Philbin's series is not only entertaining, but there is nothing innapropriate in any of the books thus far, making it a great selection for some tweens ready for a teen-like story. I also love the New York City setting and the glamour that makes up this series of privileged teen girls. While there are many series out there - and most of them I lag far behind in reading- this is one series that I have continued to keep up with. I am already awaiting Book #4, due out in November.

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