Saturday, August 6, 2011

New (School) Year Resolutions

I love the beginning of the school year! Even though this year we are going back incredibly early - the students will start on Monday- I still am excited to see what this year brings. There are always such high expectations, such happy faces and everyone comes back refreshed and ready to start fresh.

While I am not the type of person to make a bunch of New Year's Resolutions in January, there are plenty of things I quietly resolve to do at the start of each year. The problem, of course, is always keeping up with these mental promises.

Right now things are clean in the library. I hope I can leave each afternoon with it looking as organized and ready for the next day.

I want to be on top of lesson plans and organized with them, keeping them neatly in a folder (instead of spread across the desktop).

I want to be the person who immediately does a job and doesn't wait, finding other things to waste time on, before accomplishing the tasks I need to get done.

I want to stay on top of my co-op student, giving her direction and guidance, as well as helpful advice.

Most of these things I want to do are matters of organization. While I think about many of these things, it is harder to make sure this happens as the year goes on. I get bogged down with a long to do list and don't catch up. There is always something that needs to get done, or someone who needs help, and the things that I have on my list get pushed down toward the bottom.

This morning I went to school and worked for almost two hours. I made progress, but there is still more to do. I want to work on seating charts tonight. I want to start lesson plans this evening, too. I still have a bulletin board to finish. And I need to design a book review form. My sub folder hasn't even been more than a thought. I started getting an order ready on Baker and Taylor to send in, but have found more to add to it.

I love my job and I can't wait to see the students on Monday morning. There is just a lot to think about before that can happen. Sadly, I have a large TBR pile that just isn't getting much attention. I wish I could promise nearly daily book reviews, but I have the feeling that things are going to be intense for a while now. I 'll just keep plugging away at things, and hopefully there will be enough hours in the day for all of it.

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