Thursday, June 2, 2011

Throwback Thursday

As I have written before, I attended a small Lutheran school from kindergarten through eighth grade. Although I loved this school, there was one thing that was lacking - a good library. Most of the books in the library were donated and very old looking. For someone who was a voracious reader like I was, that was not very helpful. And there was not a lot of selection or anyone to help guide my choices. The one book, despite its age and rather ratty appearance, that many of us clamored over was Mr. Apple's Family by Jean McDevitt.

Mr. Apple and his wife are living in an apartment and decide to move to the country after the addition of several little Apples. Although the plotline is a bit sketchy to me now - almost 30 years after I last read it- I do remember that Mr. Apple's children all were named after a type of apple, such as Macintosh and Golden Delicious. Over the past few years I have looked on Amazon to rebuy this book and have never been able to justify the very hefty pricetag this book commands. I have seen it sold for over $100. Tonight when I checked, there is one copy available for $30 - more reasonable than the $100 book, but still a lot of money. Someday I may break down and add this one to my collection.
Has anyone else read Mr. Apple's Family? I would love to hear your memories.

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Rachel said...

I went over to CLS to see if I could find that book because I remembered seeing it there - but the book was gone! I must have gotten rid of it when I got rid of a bunch of the old books! Sorry! :)