Saturday, September 4, 2010

Vanishing Cultures

The Vanishing Cultures series by Jan Reynolds caught my eye on a recent trip to the public library. Peaceful Reader and I were there together, quickly snatching up titles that we wanted to peruse before we purchased them for our own libraries. The wonderful photography in these books instantly grabbed my attention. The two books in the series that I took home, Sahara and Far North (about the Samis)focus on two different groups of people I have not given much thought to prior to reading these books. There is a great deal of information about what a typical person in this society experiences. While these weren't exactly a great nighttime read aloud, I was fascinated by these books and the lifestyles these people lead. Peaceful Reader managed to snag two of the Vanishing Cultures books for herself -visit her site to see her review of this series. Other books in the series include: Amazon Basin, Down Under, Frozen Land, Himalayas, and Mongolia

Teachers will find these books helpful for studies of different cultures, especially with the fabulous photography.

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