Friday, September 3, 2010

Book Blog Hop

YAY! It's Friday...and a three day weekend. And, it's time for the Book Blog Hop hosted by Jen at Crazy for Books.

This week's question: Do you judge a book by it's cover?

Yes and no. There are a lot of books that I am interested in or intrigued by because of their covers. And there are also some great books that I have read despite their covers. The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo definitely did not lure me because of it's cover. But the book was fabulous.

Head over to Crazy For Books to find some new to you book blogs. Each week I add several more to my favorites. And hopefully with this longer weekend I will have a bit more time to catch up and add my most recent finds to my blogroll.

Happy Hopping!


gautami tripathy said...

Have a blast hopping to/following new blogs or beginning great books!

Here is my Book blogger hop/Follow me/Book Beginnings post! I am a very serious eclectic reader! And I follow blogs I like via google reader.

noral said...

Have a wonderful weekend.


Kelly McDermott-Bay said...

just hopping by to say, hi.
kelly bookend diaries