Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sunday Salon

Today is my youngest daughter's fourth birthday. Unlike previous birthdays when she was somewhat oblivious, this year she is all over it. She has been counting down for days and greeted me this morning by asking if today was the day...and wondering about her presents. Right now she is trying to play with her new loot, and her sisters are trying to get a look at it without getting scolded. The present they are all trying to get to are the Squinkies that we gave her. I must have had a weak moment since these things are so tiny I am sure I will soon be irritated at them lying around the house.
Other things I need to do today: clean, clean, clean. Cook and plan our meals for the week so I am not without a plan when I get home from work. I should finish up Sally Koslow's new book and review it later today. I also have a library book due later this week and I am getting slightly panicked because I cannot find it anywhere. The normal safe spots have been explored along with some not so likely locations and it still has not turned up. My husband told me he is trying hard not to say anything. :)

I survived my first week of class and have a few things to work on for school this week. My list of books I want to order is growing each day. I love that kids are requesting books that they want, but I wish my budget was bigger that I could get these books in their do that I would have to be able to buy multiple copies of certain titles. My strangest request this week was a fourth grade girl looking for a copy of Eat, Pray, Love. I am guessing she knows about the movie and that is why she wants the book. She looked a bit amazed when I told her it was really a grown-up book.

I enjoyed Diane's post at Bibliophile By the Sea....I am also planning on walking with a co-worker over our lunch break. It won't be a long walk, but the weather is beautiful and it is preferable to sitting around. Like Diane, I, too need to go through my closets. I have so many things I am no longer wearing that I should get rid of to eliminate some clutter. Since our town-wide garage sales are in a few weeks, it would be a great time to go through things.

Hopefully this week sees a bit more reading time as I am getting used to being back in the school routine. I'm ready to enjoy this beautiful Sunday and upcoming week!


Bibliophile By the Sea said...

Hey Tina, Happy Birthday to your daughter. (4) is a great age!

Thanks so much for the "shout-out". Although I hope I lose some lbs., I also hope I just firm up and get feel healthier! (3) of us walk from 10:30-11:00 an each weekday so it is fun.

Anonymous said...

Tina, happy birthday to your little one! Sounds like you've got the week well in hand. LOL

You'll find the book. It's there somewhere. :-)

Have a great week!