Saturday, August 28, 2010

Friday Finds

Once again I am a day late in posting my Friday Finds hosted by Kate at Kate's Library.

I tried to do a better job this week of keeping track of things I had read on different blogs, instead of trying to remember them after days had passed.

1. Once again I must be in the mood for cookies. This great recipe was posted a while ago on Coffee Tale Reviews. Since I love the combination of peanut butter and chocolate together this one looked awesome to me. I tried making it on Thursday night and absolutely love them. I sent some to school for my girls to give to their teachers, and then froze the rest so I don't gobble them all up right away.

2. I always find myself checking the Indie Bound website. Now the Autumn 2010 Kids selections are posted and my wish list is growing longer.

3. The Reading Ape has written a post about The Textually Diseased. The comments people have made make me laugh out loud - and know I am not alone in my book obsession.

4. Ti at Book Chatter writes about her poor planning on the day Mockingjay was released. Looking at the picture of Mockingjay loaded on her Kindle made my day. I was lamenting not having pre-ordered the book myself, never even thinking of just having it delivered to my Kindle!

5. Travis at 100 Scope Notes posts a video clip of Beverly Cleary talking about Beezus and Ramona. I love the Quimbys!

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Kate said...

Hey! Thanks for participating!

I also loved "The texturally diseased"...

Great five!