Monday, August 30, 2010

With Friends Like These

Sally Koslow's newest novel, following The Late Lamented Molly Marx, was an entertaining read. Although I loved Molly Marx a bit more, I really enjoy Koslow's writing and found this story of four friends to be fun- hard to put down- as I witnessed the train wreck they were creating in their lives.

Quincy, Jules, Chloe and Talia all take turns narrating this story. Each is a unique character, living in New York City in their early forties. While three of the friends have a great deal of money, Talia works part-time while her husband Tom teaches. Quincy and her husband are trying to buy a house, Jules is dating Arthur, a man a decade older than her - someone she isn't all that sure she is serious about. Chloe and her husband Xander appear to have it all, her main concern is getting her son into a good preschool. As life unfolds these four friends take each other for granted, and even knowingly backstab one another in order to get what they want. Koslow kept me interested, knowing exactly when to end each chapter and creating a bit of suspense as I wanted to know how each friend's scheming would play out. The girls do eventually realize that their friendship is something they don't want to lose, yet I wouldn't put anything past these four in the future, either.

I enjoy books about a group of female friends, and this one is a great addition to the growing number of books that fall into that category. Koslow has once again entertained me and I will be watching for more work by her.
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Meg said...

Sounds light and entertaining, but sometimes books featuring too many friends/characters begin to confuse me!

noral said...

wow..sounds coooll